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Aotearoa- New Zealand is a nation of migrants.

Our forbears, both Maori and Pakeha, often undertook heroic voyages in difficult conditions to reach these shores. Our family started their journeys to New Zealand in the 1840’s, in sailing ships seeking a new life for them and their loved ones.  From this we take inspiration.

Te Herā – the sail represents these journeys.

Our journey or adventure has been to take a small piece of bare land and turn it into the base of a thriving small wine business

We are a small family business dedicated to the production of handcrafted wines, focusing on a very small range of wines in which we strive to achieve excellence.

Our vineyard and winery are located in Te Muna Rd, Martinborough.  The Vine yard was first planted in 1996.

Since this time we have been learning to manage the Vineyard, Make Wine and run a business.

We have moved past the development phase. We have a clear idea on what we are trying to achieve and how we are going about doing so.

We are now in a consolidation and refinement phase.

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